Thursday, February 19, 2015

40 Days Sugar Free Challenge

Many people like to do 40 days challenge in preparation for Easter. Instead of fasting I would like to challenge myself to not eat any refined sugar for 40 days. I've known about the bad affects sugar has on your body for a long time but lets be honest.. Sometimes I get tempted and it is hard to get back on track once you give in to sugary food items.

Hopefully you will join me during this 40 day challenge and reap the benefits of it.

Let me explain what this challenge consist of because sugar can be tricky to define.
This image shows that sugar can be called different yet it still means the same. Anything that is labeled with any of these names are not allowed during this period.

This image does not even contain all the different names for sugar but I make it simple for myself.
Best thing to do is to not eat convenience food ( if it is made in a plant don't eat it). For me this is not that hard because I love to make my own food anyhow rather than store bought items. Hopefully I can show you some great alternatives along the way to get inspired to eat healthier.  I love sweets and my birthday will be within this period of time so do not worry I will come up with some treats made of whole foods.

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