Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 4 - Challenge Update - Mindless moments

It has been a couple days of no sugar and it has not been too hard. It helps to be able to have alternatives.  
But, I have to say I broke the challenge on accident! At work there was a Chinese New Year celebration with a lot of food. I decided to make some -unhealthy - cookies to bring to the party. As I prepared the dough I ate some of the chocolate chips out of a habit. I baked the cookies, brought them to the party and that was that. Then I at a little piece of a delicious white cake someone made. 

The funny thing?? I didn't realize I broke my challenge until about an 1,5 after the party. It hit me, right there. I mindlessly ate items with sugar in it. 

During my work week I eat dinners provided by my work. There are healthy options so that is not a problem.  Yesterday there was icecream for dessert with oreo cookies. I usually try to not eat any sweets but yesterday as I walked by I thought hmm I may try some. Luckily - I remembered the challenge this time. I did not eat any of it. Instead I ate a banana which is just as good I think!
  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor oreo cookies crumbled = ??

So even though I broke my challenge already, this does not mean I won't continue. To me it shows how mindless I eat at times and it gives me more reason to challenge myself to be mindful. I also noticed that this challenge is not a problem when I am at home because I don't buy sugar products. When I am at work there is more temptation to break it.

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